Volvo Construction Equipment Flawless Quality. Every Time

Wheel Loader

Load up on Productivity​. Volvo wheel loaders push your productivity higher. From compact loaders to large production machines, find the right fit for your work in load and carry operations, civil and building construction, earth moving,



Volvo Excavators

Dig in to find the ideal machine. Volvo excavators deliver maximum power and performance in all applications – from site preparation, trenching and excavation to demolition, truck loading and more. On crawler tracks or on the road, compact or larger in size, your Volvo excavator will enhance your profitability.



Volvo Articulated Haulers

Hauling Heavy Profits. Volvo Construction Equipment developed the concept of the articulated hauler. Around the globe, we are still the undisputed leader of articulated hauling in the most demanding conditions, terrain and applications.



Volvo Asphalt Pavers

Asphalt paving standards begin here. Over 75 years of proven paving technology combined with Volvo’s renowned innovative engineering, safety and global support provides you with the best asphalt paving



Volvo Compactors

Ultimate Compaction from Volvo. Volvo asphalt and soil compactors are built to help you tackle any compaction job. Volvo asphalt compactors have been designed to help you deliver maximum productivity, density, and smoothness on smaller compaction projects. 



Volvo Skid Steer Loaders

Versatile. Productive. Robust. Volvo skid steer loaders are some of the most versatile machines on any jobsite. Whatever your challenge, Volvo offers you a full line of radial or vertical lift skid steer loaders to enhance your profitability.



Volvo Rigid Dumpers

Ultimate Productivity. Make Volvo rigid dumpers your ultimate productivity partner. Designed and built to deliver outstanding performance, efficiency, reliability and safety, with Volvo rigid dumpers you can move more for less.



Volvo Pipelayers

Highly Versatile Machines. Volvo gives oil and gas pipeline contractors a new lift with a revolutionary line of excavator-based pipelayers. From pipe yard to trench, Volvo pipelayers deliver a competitive edge in even the most demanding conditions - not only in the oil and gas industry.




A Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system that gives access to a wide range of machine monitoring information designed to save customers time and money.



Aftersales Parts & Services

FAMCO KSA aftersales services has ways to help you enhance every aspect of your operation, so you can work faster and more efficiently than ever. Running an efficient operation gives your business a competitive advantage. Therefore, we put our experts to work for you to offer advice and how-to information. FAMCO portfolio of products and services are designed to complement your machine’s performance and boost your profitability.


FAMCO KSA is proud to support all of our customers with Parts solutions from all of our locations in the Kingdom. Each Branch has dedicated Parts Specialists who will give you the knowledge and support to ensure your machine is productive and profitable. Genuine Volvo Parts offer the highest quality and guaranteed performance for your Volvo machine. Every part is vital for uptime and performance. Use only parts and products that have been specifically developed, tested and approved for optimal function – a key to reduced owning and operating costs. FAMCO’s quality parts offering includes a wide range of components and service options for long-lasting performance and cycle life.

Maintenance Parts

Follow your machine’s maintenance program with maintenance parts to ensure productivity and uptime.

Repair Parts

Volvo Repair Parts are a cost effective solution of giving a new lease of life to a hard working machine.  

​Wear Parts

Volvo offers a wide range of wear parts that have been developed and tested for a large number of applications.

Give your machine more bite

The self-sharpening Volvo tooth system withstands high stress levels and is a result of a commitment to innovation.


To ensure your business runs smoothly FAMCO KSA invests in customer commitments. As your partner, we support what you do with the equipment – how you use it, maintain it, pay for it and even how you sell it. At FAMCO, we have 99% first time fix, 24-hour maximum wait for workshop booking, 95% of jobs completed by originally promised time and 100% of jobs within final quoted price. At FAMCO, all technicians trained to manufacturers' standards. We have fully equipped mobile service fleet, on-site and 24/7 customer helpline: 800 124 4414.

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Proactive Monitoring

Maximize machine uptime and reduce repair costs.

Preventive Maintenance

Focus on your business and customers with complete peace of mind.


Best possible uptime, while getting full cost control and worry-free ownership.

CareTrack Operation

Optimize your fleet and maximize productivity.

Operator Training

It’s up to the skills of the operator to get the job done safely, efficiently and cost effectively. This is why FAMCO offer operator training for a more productive and profitable machine ownership.

Care Inspection

Care Inspection is a thorough, hands-on, methodical process that is carried out by a skilled service technician. It is designed to detect any issues throughout the body of the machine and catalogue them.

Financial Services

At FAMCO, we understand that cash flow and the financing of your fleet and equipment is very important. FAMCO Financial Services provides flexible, cost-effective, tailor-made solutions to meet your unique financial requirements.

FAMCO Rentals

FAMCO Rental is a major option offered to the market through Volvo rents, creating solutions for customers who require a small or large amount of units for as time-sensitive and critical projects.